A State & Silver State Qualifying Team
Welcome to the Aurora Tsunami Swim Team, a year around club team comprised of students 6-18 years of age ranging from beginner to advanced athletes. We offer monthly C.A.R.A. and USA swimming meets with teams from Colorado.  Our program focuses on building a strong swimming foundation by teaching students a comprehensive variety of technique to help develop efficiency, endurance, and speed in the sport of swimming.  
Contact the Team
Head Coach:
Jim Price
(303) 365-7809
♦ Taught and trained beginner to advanced athletes in stroke, technique, and discipline for swimming, aiding and accelerating an individual’s learning process
♦ Instructed and motivated more than 20 students at once through drills and exercises during practices
♦ Refined dryland aerobics and over 100 unique swimming workouts for various stages of skill and learning level