Aurora Tsunami Swim Team
Groups & Rates
Junior Group
(Minimum Requirement - Able to swim a nonstop 25-yard freestyle & 25-yard backstroke)
The Junior team focuses on developing the four competitive swim strokes. Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. It takes your son or daughter from the learn to swim focus to competitive swimming. This group takes the skills they have acquired from lessons. The swimmer develops endurance, proper technique, and a focus on what being on a swim team is like. Juniors learn to set goals, achieve them and become motivated to become the best swimmer they can be.

PreSenior Group
(Minimum Requirement - Able to swim all four competitive strokes, able to safely dive off blocks & complete flip turns)
The Pre-Senior team will use a pace clock for training and an emphasis on setting goals and completing a race with pride and accomplishment. They will focus on being able to finish a swim race correctly and with confidence. Members of the Tsunami’s will demonstrate respect not only for all team members, but also on being on time, ready to swim and give it all they have.

Senior Group
(Minimum Requirement - A swimmer must be at least 10 years old (or at the discretion of the coach) and perform the following criteria - 6 x 100 Freestyle on 1:55.00 BREAK 6 x 100 IM on 2:00.00 (each stroke legal))
The main objective of the senior team is to take to the swim skills learned and advance to their highest potential. Each member will understand the competitive world of swimming and understand that there will always be challenges. Challenges will be overcome by developing a strong foundation of proper swimming technique and dedication.

First lesson is always free, TRY BEFORE YOU PAY!

Choose how many days a week you want to go.
You pick the days and may change them during the week.
The group level determines the monthly cost.

A missed practice can be made up the following week.
Junior Group$60$75
PreSenior Group$70$85
Senior Group$75$95
Second Child Discount:
If you have a second child on the team, we offer a 25% discount off the lesser of monthly fees.

Drop in Rate: 
$7 paid on same day as drop in. 
(Available for swimmers practicing 6 days or less)
Contact the Team
Head Coach:  
Jim Price  
(303) 365-7809
♦ Taught and trained beginner to advanced athletes in stroke, technique, and discipline for swimming, aiding and accelerating an individual’s learning process
♦ Instructed and motivated more than 20 students at once through drills and exercises during practices
♦ Refined dryland aerobics and over 100 unique swimming workouts for various stages of skill and learning level