USA Swimmers Only Until May 28th

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Starting MAY 28th:

(Monday through Thursday)

Juniors 5:30pm – 6:30pm

PreSeniors 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Seniors 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Saturday 4NO PracticeMAY
Sunday 5NO Practice
Monday 6PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Tuesday 7NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Wednesday 8PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Thursday 9NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Friday 10PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Saturday 11NO Practice
Sunday 12NO Practice
Monday 13PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Tuesday 14NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Wednesday 15PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Thursday 16NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Friday 17PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Saturday 18NO Practice
Sunday 19NO Practice
Monday 20PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Tuesday 21NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Wednesday 22PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Thursday 23NO PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Friday 24PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Saturday 25NO Practice
Sunday 26NO Practice
Monday 27PracticeUSA SWIMMER ONLY
Tuesday 28PracticeALL SWIMMERS - Jim Price Starts
Wednesday 29PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Thursday 30PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Friday 31NO PracticeUSA MEET @ Air Force Academy
Saturday 1NO PracticeUSA MEET @ Air Force Academy
Sunday 2NO PracticeJUNE
Monday 3PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Tuesday 4PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Wednesday 5PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Thursday 6PracticeALL SWIMMERS
Friday 7NO Practice
Saturday 8NO Practice
Sunday 9NO Practice
Contact the Team
Head Coach:  
Jim Price  
(303) 365-7809
♦ Taught and trained beginner to advanced athletes in stroke, technique, and discipline for swimming, aiding and accelerating an individual’s learning process
♦ Instructed and motivated more than 20 students at once through drills and exercises during practices
♦ Refined dryland aerobics and over 100 unique swimming workouts for various stages of skill and learning level